Famed socialite and Huddah Cosmetics CEO, Huddah Monroe came at men disillusioned by their wives or girlfriends cheating on them.
Taking to her Instagram stories, Huddah proclaimed that cheating is not a preserve of men, stating that women can cheat too.
The businesswoman conveyed that unlike men, women get more sexual advances thrown at them but most have the self-respect to turn them down.
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She rebuked men for using legless excuses for their infidelity by arguing that temptations are there for both men and women.
She adjured men to deliberate on the effects their promiscuity might have on their woman before getting with another.
The socialite asserted that unfaithfulness vis-à-vis men should be an abomination in 2021, beseeching women to cheat back and make it known.
Huddah debunked the proverbial adage ‘it’s a man’s world’ by proclaiming that everyone is equal regardless of sex.


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