CS Murkomen Finally Takes Senator Cherargei To Court

CS Murkomen Finally Takes Senator Cherargei To Court

Roads CS Kipchumba Murkomen has finally taken Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei to court, months after threatening to take action.

In a Facebook post shared by Cherargei on Monday, Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen issued Cherargei with a summon notice from Milimani’s Chief Magistrate court.

Cherargei is required to appear before the court within 15 days from the day he was served with the notice.

“You are hereby required within 15 days from the date of service hereof to enter an appearance in the said suit,” read part of the notice.

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This comes just months after Murkomen, in December 2023, issued a stern warning to Nandi County Senator Samson Cherarkey, threatening legal action for defamation.

In a move orchestrated by his legal representatives, Murkomen dispatched a letter to Senator Cherarkey, demanding a public apology for allegations made against him.

The claims, stemming from a press conference held by Cherarkey on November 24th, suggested that Murkomen had accepted a substantial bribe of one hundred million US dollars from China Wu Yi during his visit to China between June and October of the current year.

Describing Cherarkey’s statements as both false and damaging to his reputation, Murkomen has insisted on either a retraction or an apology to be published through the same channels where the accusations were initially aired.

“The words spoken by Senator Cherarkey not only lack truth but are also defamatory, tarnishing my client’s reputation among the public,” stated the demand letter.

Moreover, Murkomen emphasized that the alleged slander had painted him in a negative light, casting doubt on his integrity and character among the populace.

Cherarkey’s accusations suggested that Murkomen had engaged in corrupt activities during his trips to China, purportedly influencing the allocation of road construction tenders favorably towards Chinese contractors, to the detriment of local contractors who had supported his political endeavors.

The senator challenged Murkomen to address the allegations head-on, daring him to clarify the purported receipt of the substantial bribe from China Wu Yi.

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