Check What Iranian Soldiers Did To A US Carrier In The Sea

Check What Iranian Soldiers Did To A US Carrier In The Sea

The Iranians have released a video footage showing how they intercepted a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and forced it to retreat. According to reports, the Iranian IRGC gave the carrier orders to sail away from their territory.

As seen in the video shared on the internet by this writer, the Iranians dictated their terms and the US carrier made an immediate exit after their helicopters had landed on it. Iran is among the few countries that have frontiered to support Palestine in the ongoing war with Israel.

The incident comes just a few days after Yemen’s Houthi rebels issued a warning that no ship headed to Israel will be allowed to pass through their territory until Israel opens their borders for humanitarian aid to get to Gaza. They even attacked a ship last week to show how serious they were with the warning.

Many countries have continued to stand with Palestine as they call for ceasefire from Israel. The Zionists have however refused to end the war. Follow the page for more news updates daily. Watch the video below;

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