“Avoid Involving Your Wives” Mr. Seed Warns Bahati and Willy Pozee in a Fight

“Avoid Involving Your Wives” Mr. Seed Warns Bahati and Willy Pozee in a Fight

The musician Mr. Seed, whose real name is Moses Omondi, has weighed in on the ongoing feud between Willy Paul and Bahati, longtime rivals. Willy Paul, also known as Willy Pozee, was recently arrested on charges of assaulting Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife. Speaking in a local interview, Mr. Seed expressed his dissatisfaction with the issue’s current escalation, which started last year.

The “Dawa ya Baridi” hitmaker hoped that rather than involving the State, the two would sit down and work out their differences amicably. (There are men incarcerated. It was just part of life when I slept in Kiambu, where he was taken, Korogocho, and Huruma, before I became well-known. According to Mr. Seed, “so maybe his turn was written, he’ll go through that.”

He felt sorry for Willy Pozee, who had been going through a difficult few weeks. Mr. Seed is hoping for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between the two artists. “When Bahati called, I was at the car wash, and we spoke for a while. We have always discussed it, but as far as I am concerned, hata kama tunakosana, singependa kuona tukienda hiyo njia. In order to avoid breaking the law, they should resolve it if there is one. It would be ideal to do this. I don’t believe that

LINK: https://capemedia.africa/2024/03/16/dont-involve-your-wives-mr-seed-tells-bahati-willy-pozee-amid-beef/

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