Andrew Kibe’s endless criticisms on celebrities continues. This time, he has gone after radio presenter Jalang’o and YouTuber & social media personality Xtian Dela; who are both set to vie for a political seat each.
Jalang’o is set to vie for for the Langata parliamentary seat in the 2022 General Election. The comedian and radio presenter expressed his optimism in clinching the seat, promising tremendous changes in the constituency.
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Here’s a list of properties owned by Jalang’o – Nairobi NewsJalang’o-Google
On the other hand, Xtian Dela is set to vie for Westlands MP, asserting that the youth in the country were tired of old politicians and it was time for the young people to take charge of the country.
Xtian Dela makes LGBTQ legalization his main agenda if elected Westlands MP – Jalango TV – Kenya No.1 Online TVXtian Dela-Google
Kibe’s View On Celebrities Turning To Politics
Well, according to Andrew Kibe; it’s peculiar & not authentic for social media influencers to turn to politics all over sudden. He states that Xtian and Jalang’os sentiments on politics will end up in a cul de sac.
”Everybody will want to become an MP… All the social media influencers… Why weren’t you a leader then? Suddenly now you can lead? You think this is a joke. Na sio Xtian pekee yake. Everybody wants to be there.
Even Jalas the other day said, ”once I become an MP nawacha kazi ya media”.
On the contrary, Xtian had recently vacillated between giving up on politics or proceeding with it; after claiming that he’s not receiving enough support from the youth. Do you think Kibe’s sentiments on social media influencers will suffice?


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