Singer Akothee sometimes over shares on social media; but truth is, we are not complaining – but loving how real she is judging from the far she has come.
One of Akothee’s baby daddies
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So far, many single mums look up to her but just recently someone joked about not following everything Akothee says; since one minute she can be single and the next – is seen with hot new man (Nelly Oaks) – so yea choose your struggles!
Anyway her life being so public we understand that the lady has 3 baby daddies that is; her first love that and father of her young girls and the two Caucasian’s who she enjoys talking about in Swahili – since clearly hawawezi elewa.
Akothee baby French daddy
The inactive baby daddy
However having the three baby daddies one would think that life for Akothee is smooth – since they all take care of their kids, right? But turns out that Jared Okello who fathered Vesha Okello, Celly Rue, Prudence Otieno.
However thanks to a new post shared by the lady – we now understand that out of the three; there is one specific that doesn’t do much or anything for his kids. The madam boss revealed this in a new post where she wrote;
Us we share bills equally amongst the 3 of us, Mee & the two baby daddies ? for our two boys .
Takes a swipe at her daughters dad
Well even after the many years of back and forth – looks like madam boss remains bitter at the fact that she has to raise her girls alone; (not that she can’t – but at least show the man can show some effort.)
Anyway talking about this, she wrote;
Jared Okello, Akothee’s inactive baby daddy
But the girls ,mmmm It’s All me and Me Alone ????? That’s why I will still remain president of songuche ?
Anyway, to those thinking coparenting is easy; Akothee shared a piece of advice saying;
Co_oparenting needs patience , endurance , discipline , enough of water in your body , because once in a while ,you must cry ???. You are two different grown ups in different worlds . Nursing some hidden wounds


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