Amber Ray is back in Nairobi from her week long vacation in the Coast.
The socialite was initially stranded after missing her flight, but managed to catch one from Ukunda back to the city.
On arrival, she told her fans that she would be visiting the salon the net day Monday to fix the mess on her head.
And while in the salon, Amber told her fans that her best friend Phoina is normally sent for money by her fans from social media. “my followers si mchangamke jameni hata soo soo si mind”
On offered to pay for her manicure and she quickly sent a phone number for mpesa.
She added “kwani entertainment itakuwa free mpaka lini?”
The jealous Amber ray then asked her legion of followers why they don’t show her as much love.amber beg cash (1)
She told them “ama hamjui number yangu?”
And sure enough one loving person sent her mpesa which she quickly took a screenshot of and shared her joy with the world.


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