Abel Mutua and His Wife Travel Together For Their Visit to Australia

Abel Mutua and His Wife Travel Together For Their Visit to Australia

Popular comedian Abel Mutua travelled with his Judy Nyawira to Australia. They travelled together to Australia to attend several shows in several parts of the country.

Abel Mutua and his wife were accompanied by several close friends and family members. Popular comedians Njugush and Eddie Butita were present at the airport to escort Abel Mutua and his wife.

Abel Mutua is one of the most talented comedians in the country. He started his career at an early age. He has performed in several media stations for the last few years. He has enjoyed a lot of success within a short time.

The popular comedian has organised several shows in different countries around the world. Many fans have promised to attend the shows that have been organised by the popular comedian.

Abel Mutua enjoys a large following around the world. He is widely regarded as one of the best comedians around the world. He has been married to Judy Nyawira for the last for the last fifteen years. They are blessed with one daughter.

The talented comedian will spend several several days abroad during his visit. Many foreigners are looking forward to meeting with Abel Mutua during his tour in Europe.


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