A Drunk Father Beats His Daughter To Death In Kericho

A Drunk Father Beats His Daughter To Death In Kericho

In sad news from Kericho county, a middle-aged father who was drunk beat his three-year-old daughter to death, accusing her of not being his daughter. As per recounts from reliable sources, the incident happened in Kericho County, Bureti Constituency, where the man lived with the young girl and his mother.

The sad incident happened a short while after the man arrived from one of his drinking sessions.

Neighbors who also acted as eyewitnesses claimed the beatings were a common occurrence for the three-year-old girl, who is now deceased. They alleged that the man would occasionally beat up the young girl whenever he arrived at his home from one of his drinking sessions.

In the latest beatings, well, things took a turn for the dark real quick when the man inflicted serious injuries on the young girl. Sadly, the girl later succumbed to her injuries.

Well, it’s heartbreaking that the paternity of the young girl eventually led to her death, as the man used to physically harm her because he believed she wasn’t his own flesh and blood.

It’s so sad that the three-year-old girl lost her life in such a cruel manner. Rest in peace, little angel.

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